The Pontiac Collection

Wide Tracking Quality Pontiac Apparel and Merchandise

Starting in 1926 with the Oakland brand and then becoming its own make in 1931 the Pontiac Tin Indian had a unique style all its own. As the 50’s was ending it was clear the Pontiac brand needed a makeover with the exciting new “Wide Track” Pontiacs to build excitement into the 60’s and beyond for performance and style.  At Gm Club Apparel, you can get both the Tin Indian era up to the Pontiac “We build Excitement” era of Pontiac- with our Pontiac shirts, hats, apparel, and merchandise, you can have it all!


Here come da Judge! – The Great One and Pontiac Excitement live here.

We have the GTO, The Judge, LeMans, Firebird, Grand Prix – and coming soon, the Bonneville, Catalina and Tempest merchandise.  We offer high quality products within a comfortable price range.

Our Pontiac clothing collection is popular among people who share the love for the iconic Tin Indian or the Wide-tracking Pontiac! We take pride in delivering the products that will help you express your Pontiac passion without compromising on the quality.