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“Bringing back that CLASSIC GM Feeling !..”

We share the passion for all the iconic brands of General Motors with you. At GM CLUB APPAREL you can find products in tune with the glorious history of General Motors. Whether you are looking for polos, mechanic shirts, caps, hoodies, sweatshirts, mugs, jackets, banners or meaning to give perfect customized photo gifts to the people who share the same love for a classic automobile, we have the perfect GM club apparel and merchandise for you.

Perfect Classic GM Collections – What’s old is new!

Bringing back the old classics of General Motors is always in our wheelhouse. Our collection of classic GM apparel and signs is timeless and works well for any casual or outdoor events, or décor for your garage or home. With the high-quality fabric and Iconic GM Marques, you can share your passion for Classic GM Brands.

Classic Buick Collection- "Wouldnt you really rather have a Buick?"

The first two Buick automobiles were made in 1899 and 1900 and David Buick incorporated his company as the Buick Motor Company on May 19, 1903, and formally joining the GM lineup in 1908 under the direction of William C Durant, the Buick brand is by definition GM Classic. Our Buick collection includes customized caps, t-shirts, hoodies, banners, and much more. With the classic Buick collection, whether the classic Buick Script from 1913, the “Valve in head” Service all the way through the Buick Tri-shield, you simply cannot wrong with the Classic Buick Collection.

The Classic Cadillac Collection- Fulfilling the legacy of the “STANDARD OF THE WORLD”

The “Standard of the world” Cadillac Motor Car company was established in 1902 and we pay homage to GM’s Luxury division with all our classic Cadillac apparel and merchandise designs, from the early years of the classic V crest to the wreath crest in the 1960’s. Check our Classic Cadillac Collection top lineup with classic Cadillac shirts, hats, sweatshirts, jackets, mechanics shirts, and much more bearing the classic Cadillac crests at GM Club Apparel.

Chevrolet Collection Straight from 1912 to 1972

The Classic Chevrolet Collection is the perfect way for the Chevy lover to “see the USA in their Chevrolet” Get your hands on the Bowtie and the iconic Chevrolet models with our new classic Chevrolet collection. Louis Chevrolet and William Durant couldn't have done it better!

Find Our High-Quality GMC Truck Collection

The GMC collection will bring back the golden era of General Motors from the 30’s through the 60’s. Relive and enjoy the vintage feeling on your favorite GMC Truck apparel and merchandise.

Hummer Collection is Like Nothing Else

The best way to show your passion for massive vehicles is by embracing it fully, and we can provide you with that. T-shirts from our Hummer Collection make the perfect gift for Hummer enthusiasts.

Get the special feel with the Oldsmobile Collection

Oldsmobile was originally founded by Ransom E. Olds in 1897 and we pay tribute to him and the Oldsmobile innovations over the year 1897-2004. The Oldsmobile collection is the best way to "Ride the Rocket" and "Make it a date in your Olds 88." The Oldsmobile collection covers the iconic Globe to the famous Olds Rocket - perfect for casual wear.

Wide Tracking Pontiac Collection

Recreate the Classic Look with Our Pontiac Collection - Also known for producing the first “Muscle Car,” Pontiac has a long history of performance. For the sake of our never-ending love for Pontiac, we capture the essence of the Tin Indian era and with the Wide Tracking 1960s and onwards. John Z Deloran himself would be proud of the offerings found here.

Fisher Body Collection – solid “Body by Fisher”

For 75 years, Fisher Body had a hand in nearly every GM model and make up until 1983, and we are paying homage to their vital contribution to all the GM makes. Our Fisher Body collection offers the right look and comfort to anyone looking forward to spending quality time outside, whether it be with a T-shirt or denim shirt or fall jacket. You’ll know what it means to wear the “Body by Fisher” emblem.